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- Fundraisers -

When you think of a fundraiser, you automatically think of candy bars, magazines, cookies & car washes. The absolute last thing most people would think of would be... a cleaning cloth!

SO WHY do we have so many successful fundraisers running?
We're glad you asked...

  • Frankly, everyone's TIRED of candy bars, magazines, candles, cookies & gift wrap. AND car washes, bake sales, pasta dinners, etc. take a lot of work for little profit in the long run.

  • From the very first glance, the Ultimate Cloth is different from the norm so people are glad to finally purchase something they may have a potential of using. Once they do use it, they fall in love with it. Let's face it, people like supporting 'good causes' and when they can get a product that gives real value by saving time, money & effort, it becomes a 'win-win' situation for everyone involved. They purchase 1 or 2 cloths and come back for more!

Until you or others in the fundraising program have personally experienced the cloths, you may not understand how powerful and successful an 'Ultimate Cloth®' fundraiser can be. We invite you to try them for yourself and you - too - will be a believer.

Leaders running Fundraising Efforts are finding that the Ultimate Cloths® not only raise a lot of money for the organization with less effort than raffles, auctions, car washes & bake sales, but are also a 'breath of fresh air' from many of the 'tired' products or gimmicks available to them today.

Benefits of an Ultimate Cloth® Fundraiser:

  • HIGH PROFIT POTENTIAL. 50% - 70% Profit / 200% - 400% Return on Investment.
  • REORDER POTENTIAL. People love the cloth and come back for more! Make the sale once and get more dollars from reorders and word of mouth referrals.
    - As a courtesy, we custom print the fundraiser's phone number on the insert for re-orders
    - A second insert is provided with information about the fundraiser.
    (See below for examples )

"This has been the best fundraiser we have ever had..Word of mouth is your best advertising. These cloths really sell their self. Once you use them, you find out how well they work. WE have ordered 7 times!"     St.Aloysius Church

"Susan, I am writing to you to order more cloths for our fall fundraiser.  They were so easy to sell and now people are wanting more of them. They can't wait until we start up again.   They really sell on their own.  Our teens sold them but we also had adults stopping by the church to buy more of them once they knew where to get them.  We paid for camp -   $270 per person.  Thanks for everything.  Order to follow." J. Dugan; Harmony Teens; Harmony Baptist Church

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We have many fundraisers currently running - just to name a few:

  • Juvenile Diabetes - 'Steppin for Sarah'
  • Breast Cancer - 'Beverly Breast Cancer Walk' and Other Individual Fundraisers for those battling
    breast cancer with no insurance coverage
  • Impact Softball Team
  • Individuals - 'Karley Fund' - 1 y.o. with less than 40% heart capacity facing possible transplant / Zehr
    Adoption Fund
  • Numerous Churches & Affiliated Organizations - extremely successful in raising money for endeavors
    from trips to Israel, homes for the elderly, homeless and more...
  • American Legion
  • Schools & their Organizations - Private & Public - School trips, sports teams & more

Ultimate Cloth is great for fundraisers! High profit potential. Custom inserts for high re-orders are provided.


For Fundraiser References or More Information,
you can contact us by calling 888-677-3894. Locally at 608-556-3894.